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Writer's Block: Bless you!

What are you allergic to?

Gisborne's leather polish and the sheriff's taxes.
What are your best and worst personality traits? Do you think your friends would agree?

Worst personality traits? Me?

Writer's Block: Snacks, don't fail me now

When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?

A slice of Thornton's bread, fresh from the oven and topped with honey, fixed anything when I was a boy. There have been times I could have gone for it lately...

Writer's Block: Almost like a song

How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

Lady Marian, formerly of Knighton Hall.
In 2011, robin_hood49 resolves to...
Be nicer to just_archer.
Go swordfighting three times a week.
Learn to play the justice.
Backup my swff_mods regularly.
Pay for my full plans on time.
Overcome my secret fear of acrobatics.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


Writer's Block: Conversation starters

Are there any subjects you either embrace or totally avoid talking about when you meet someone new?

The whole "Robin Hood, this is an ambush" thing is difficult to avoid...

Writer's Block: How you like me now?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to impress someone? Did it work?

It's something of an involved, and private, story; but suffice it to say that it worked.

Writer's Block: Good eats

What are your three most and least favorite foods?

Most favourite:
-roast goose
-blackberry tarts
-Much's kebabs

Least favourite:
-liver of capon
-boiled turnups
-squirrel (even the best spices cannot make it un-stringy)

Visiting Hours

What: Marian pays Robin a visit the day after his capture
When: September 30th, about 5pm
Where: Nottingham Castle dungeons
Note: This was a thread not_a_maid and I wrote in Google Docs while waiting for other threads to go up first, which then never materialized. Rather than trying to cut it up and thread it at the main community, we figured it was easier just to put it here.

You should not be hereCollapse )

Welcome to Nottingham Castle


My dearest Marian,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the thoughtful gift! A merry Christmas to you, as well, and I fully intend to spend as much of the holiday with you as possible. Let's work out a plan soon.

All my love,

(That took longer than it should have to write, because the edible ball-bearings on the cookie led to all sorts of naughty jokes in my head... :D)


...but if he were to do such a thing, he might first snag this maskCollapse )

and the tailor might have this lovely doublet just laying aroundCollapse )

But of course, this is all purely theoretical. *ahem*